Area VHF and UHF Open Repeaters

MARC Linked Repeater System

Yucca Valley/Paxton Hill

W6BA repeater on 146.790 MHz (- shift, TSql 136.5).

Twentynine Palms

W6BA repeater on 147.060 MHz (+ shift, TSql 136.5).


WB6CDF repeater on 447.580 MHz (- shift, TSql 173.8).

Pipes Canyon

AD6G Simplex Node on 446.120 MHz (no shift, TSql 146.2)*

*Please note: This is a simplex node, not a repeater. You must wait for the carrier to drop before transmitting.


Yucca Valley/Paxton Hill

Replaces the Yaesu System Fusion repeater on the same frequency.

Frequency: 447.000 negative offset.
DMR color code: 10.
Time Slot 1 for normal repeater operation linked to Talkgroup 3106/California.
Time Slot 2 for local operation.


Yucca Valley

KD6DIQ IRLP Node on 145.770 (no shift, TSql 67.0).

Other Repeaters

Tramway #2/Palm Springs

W6DRA repeater on 145.200 MHz (- shift, TSql 131.8).

Tramway #1/Palm Springs

W6DRA repeater on 145.480 MHz (- shift, TSql 107.2).

Big Bear

K6BB repeater on 147.330 MHz (- shift, TSql 131.8).


WA6TST repeater on 147.885 MHz (- shift, TSql 151.4).


W6CDF repeater on 147.915 MHz (- shift, TSql 123.0).

Banning/Snow Peak

W6CTR repeater on 445.160 MHz (- shift, TSql 151.4).

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